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Our products use single source, single harvest botanicals from Greece to create aromatic blends that delight the senses and make it easy to drink more water with healthy boosts. 

The Titan and the Muses collection of tisanes are made with a foundation of Greek Mountain Tea, Sideritis raeseri, a soft mint with an abundance of anti-inflammatory benefits. The different blends provide diverse flavors and added benefits.

Try our DrinkUp & Upcycle air-tight tubes filled with the blossoms of Greece and other aromatic spices, ethically sourced from around the world.


12 pyramid sachets in each tube. Each Sachet makes up to 4 cups of deliciousness.

DrinkUp& Upcycle packaging has removable product labels and a chalk-ready wrap easy to make it yours.  Enjoy our botanical blends, and consider upcycling the container.