Botanical Bouquet Greek Oregano

Flowering Rock


  • Botanical Bouquet Greek Oregano
  • Botanical Bouquet Greek Oregano
  • Botanical Bouquet Greek Oregano

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Mountain Sage, Salvia fruticosa

Flavor & Aromatics: Slightly smoky, hint of camphor, earthy

Greek Oregano’s  purple blossoms cover the slopes of Mount Othrys, Greece, every summer.   Its name means “joy of the mountain.” This Botanical Bouquet is handpicked and air-dried to preserve freshness and fragrance. For centuries, oregano has been known for its medicinal properties and its history in Mediterranean gastronomy.

Give a new zest to your seasoning blends.  Add a few leaves to infuse flavor and aroma.  This earthy and spicy sweet oregano adds a gourmet touch to your culinary dishes.

Flower Power

May benefit as: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic

May help:  aid digestion, soothe cough, reduce swollen glands




FLOWERING ROCK brings a little bit of the mythical mountain for you to enjoy.

The botanical bouquets are packaged and sealed within an eco-friendly paper tube to maintain freshness.

Packages are 3" in diameter and 8" tall. Each bouquet is gathered and tied with raffia ribbon and include a tag of wisdom from ancient philosophy. Enjoy this natural treasure!




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